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All-In-One Quick Pasta Maker

All-In-One Quick Pasta Maker

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Pasta lover? Quickly recreate your mom’s spaghetti with the All-In-One Quick Pasta Maker! It makes cooking pasta easy with specific water filling lines and measuring handles to indicate perfect portion sizes.

Equipped with a stay cool handle that serves as a safety handle. Simply put in the pasta, add water according to instructions and put it in the microwave, drain and that’s it. Great for home cooking, parties, and special occasions.

  • Time saver: Perfect for big portions, cleaning pots and pans after cooking is a major pain but this time, save on both preparations and cleaning time.
  • Durable and Heat resistant: non-detachable  also heat-resistant making it perfectly safe to be put in a microwave
  • Brilliant ergonomic design: takes up less space in the kitchen or cabinets. It fits nicely with other utensils and looks good sitting on the dining table

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