Easy Toaster Bag (5pcs)

Easy Toaster Bag (5pcs)

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No fuss no muss! Save cooking and cleaning time with the Easy Toaster Bag. Making your favorite sandwich will be a breeze with this reusable sandwich bag for toasting or microwaving sandwiches or burgers.

Made with food grade, non-stick, and fiberglass coated material, that allows you to make toast without a mess and extra cleaning. Suitable for your toaster, oven, and grill.

  • Easy to use: Simply make the sandwich, pop it in a toastie pocket and pop in the toaster
  • Use these convenient bags for toast, pizza, pastries or bagels.
  • Keep your appliances free of crumbs and other food debris, and save valuable time cleaning
  • These pockets are reusable and easy to clean

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