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Makeup Brush Color Cleaner
Makeup Brush Color Cleaner

Makeup Brush Color Cleaner

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Take care of your makeup brushes, clean them instantly with the Makeup Brush Color Cleaner! It's a high-quality soft scrubbing sponge, where you can efficiently clean your brushes.

Both sides of the sponge can be used, wash it with cleansing lotion and dry it for repeated use.  Simply glide the brush gently against the sponge surface to remove powder pigment thoroughly and instantly. Brushes clean to use, with the Makeup Brush Color Cleaner!

  • Made of environment-friendly silicone and high-quality soft scrubbing sponge that can effectively clean your brush without damaging it.
  • The Brush Cleaner container is made of aluminum, with a sturdy and compact design which makes it easy to store.
  • Saves time: No more wiping them on towels, wipes or tissues before using the next eyeshadow color! It a good temporary alternative instead of having to wash the brush with soap and water every single time.

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