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Nail Repair Cream
Nail Repair Cream
Nail Repair Cream
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Nail Repair Cream

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Ready for a new shade of manicure? But what if your fingernails are suffering from a fungal infection. Eliminate it with the use of Nail Repair Cream! The fast cure to nail growth and accelerating metabolism of nails, making nails smooth and shiny.

This cream will restore the brittle, crumbly or even ragged nails to the natural shape and texture. Evenly apply and rubbed the cream on the surface of the nail, wait for a few minutes for full absorption. Clean hands, perfect nails!


  • Consisting of eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe ingredients, without any heavy metals, healthy for daily use. Made of herbal ingredients such as radix Scrophularia and medicinal plants to help sterilize and repair the nail layer. Herbal essence, non-toxic and non-irritant while preventing the formation of onychomycosis.
  • Gives the nails natural shine and helps the nails to smooth and revive, strengthens and protects nails. Mild without discomfort. No stimulation, no pain, no side effects.
  • Suitable for the care of cracked, rough, nail discolorations, brittle and split toenails and fingernails.
  • The recovery period depends on the growth and degree of damaged nails and can, therefore, take different lengths of time.

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