Therapeutic Neck Support Tension Reliever

Therapeutic Neck Support Tension Reliever

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Recline those tight muscles with the Therapeutic Neck Support Tension Reliever! This pillow stretches and relaxes your neck for 15-20 minutes of a session. It can realign and place your head and neck in a more comfortable, pain-free position.

It's used to treat chronic pain, pinched nerves, even bulging discs. Simply find a flat surface to rest and place your head on this pillow, and let it gently elevate and stretch your neck region.

  • Amazing natural pain relief solution,  Helps alleviates tension, increases relaxation, and promotes healing
  • Multifunction support:  You can use this neck support while sitting up in bed reading or watching, use it while working on the computer at work or even while driving
  • Ergonomic design, the exclusive design supports and cradles your head and neck and gently pulls your head away from your shoulders

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